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Once upon a time, from ancient ages, from the times with kings and queens, here we set out on a new adventure, and we will play… Basme (Fairy Tales).

It is said that there was once a great adventurer, a brave man who, throughout his life, wandered around and sought to find the most interesting and captivating stories. And as he walked, the brave
young man found so many troubles in his ways, he met both beggars and kings, both witches and fairies, both good guys and bad guys… But all these
things made him noble. Those adventures made him a better man and kept all of them in his heart, for a hundred years since he was caressing and seeking the most heartbreaking adventure of his life, which
he never found it. He was full of greatness, his eyes were deep and clear from the deepest oceans, and his cheeks rumbled by the Sahara desert, and his name was… the Wandering Prince.

You would say that the Prince was very happy, because all his life he wandered and had fun, but he was sad because he had not yet discovered the greatest adventure of his life, which he had been following for a hundred years. The Wonder Horse, our adventurer’s friend and trusted
companion, told him:

– We have been in hundreds of adventures, we have met ladies and gentlemen, we laughed and we spent fortunes! What could some of us lack? Many would like to be in our place, I tell you!

– I know, my friend, I know … And you’re right, but something … something is missing. I’ll find out what!

One day, while resting under a huge tree in an enchanted garden, he woke up with an apple landing on his forehead, waking him up.

– By Newton’s Law! Can’t a man rest today around here?! Show yourself so I can see you, you coward and fight like a man! The angry Prince screamed.
From the tree, among the leaves that were lost in the sun, giving her locks aside, the deepest and purest eyes appeared for the Prince to see. The girl in the tree smiled at him and raised her eyes to look at him. The brave prince softened at once. His heart knew love at that moment, for the first time.

– Miss, forgive me for your lack of manners… I thought … Tell me please… what is your name?

– My name is Princess Aurora, the Enlightened Emperor’s daughter.

– Your Highness… forgiveness …

The prince kissed the princess’s hand, dropped in his knees and asked her to be his bride. The girl blushed but accepted. Arriving at the Enlightened Emperor to ask for his daughter’s hand, the Emperor shouted at our hero:

– Do you think you can have my daughter just like that? You must show your courage, honor and love to her and to me, your King!

– Your majesty, your daughter’s love is the greatest adventure I could ever wish for! In any case, in order to prove to Her Princess and His Majesty that I am a worthy man and that I deserve such a chance, I pledge that I will bring before Your Majesty all the artifacts of this great world! And along my journey I will be with the bravest of the brave ones – I will find
White Moor, Handsome Son and Prâslea the Brave, and we will embark on this adventure together! I will search all over the world and find the hidden artifacts and, on the road, with a little luck, Handsome Son
can also share the secret of the youth without age with us!

– My brave prince, said the Wonder Horse, I will also start looking for artifacts!

– May the best win, said the Emperor, you just didn’t think I would let you win that easy! I’ll go find the legendary artifacts myself!

And here, without thinking, the three adventurers set out on the road, but what they didn’t know was that Princess Aurora had gone looking for artifacts herself!

– All my life I was a princess at the Emperor’s Court! It’s time for me to go on my own adventure! Without missing a moment, she rode her horse and set off in search of artifacts!


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